Our Services

As financial professionals we understand the importance of a partnership.  We look to cultivate relationships with our clients that will last a lifetime.   

Financial Planning

Our comprehensive financial planning process involves the detailed review and analysis of all facets of your financial situation.  During this process, we determine what matters most to you.  We work with you to define your personal and financial goals, determine your timeframe for results, and ascertain your feelings about risk. This information forms the basis of your financial plan. 

Our Planning Process consists of the following steps:

  1. Gather pertinent information including current assets/liabilities, current/future monthly expenses, financial goals, time horizon and risk tolerance.
  2. Analyze all pertinent data.
  3. Develop recommendations.
  4. Present recommendations.
  5. Put the plan in motion.
  6. *Regularly monitor and rebalance as necessary.

Our Financial Planning Services Include:

  • Balance Sheet Creation
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Retirement Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Investment Management
  • Tax Management
  • Life Insurance Planning
  • Long-Term Care Planning
  • Disability Insurance Planning

Investment Strategies

After we complete your comprehensive financial plan, we determine what investment strategies will allow you to achieve your personal and financial goals.  The heart of our approach is the concept that through proper asset allocation, a disciplined investment style, and a well-informed selection process we can provide consistent results while working within your tolerance for risk.  Together, we will help you find a personalized strategy toward achieving your investment goals.


You have worked hard all your life to save for your retirement.  We recognize that your retirement dreams are one of the most important parts of your life that we can assist you with by being stewards of your hard-earned nest egg.  Once you finally get to retirement, we know you want to be able to enjoy life and have a trusted partner to guide you through those golden years.  We will review your current retirement assets and work with you to identify your retirement income needs and map out a sound strategy for your retirement years. 


Since 1981, Lang & Associates has been preparing personal and business tax returns as well as doing accounting for small to mid-size businesses.   Our combined knowledge of tax law and financial planning gives us a unique opportunity to help our clients with tax efficient investing and identifying possible tax savings.  On the business side, we prepare monthly and quarterly financial accounting statements.  Based on the accounting, we are able to help our business clients identify trends, items of concern, and make recommendations for future changes to enhance the success of their business.

*Monitoring is for Investment Advisory clients onlyC